By developing a close working relationship with her clients Heather is able to design gardens that perfectly meet their requirements. This develops through the design process which has several stages that are set out below:

Initial Consultation & Project Brief

Heather meets with prospective clients to discuss ideas and ambitions for your outdoor space, consider your budget for the project and talk you through the design process and your legal obligations so far as they apply to landscaping projects. Heather will take a full brief from you, considering the finer details of your design requirements and the needs of all users of the garden With your requirements in mind, Heather will be able to provide you with a written fees proposal for your consideration.

Site Survey & Analysis

Once you have decided to engage the services of Heather Martin Garden Design, a full survey and analysis of the existing garden will need to be undertaken. This may be carried out in-house or by an external organisation depending upon the size of the garden and complexities of site.

Concept Drawings

Working to your approved brief and relying upon her garden design experience and qualifications, this exciting stage is where Heather will turn the ideas we have discussed into drawings and creative plans for your garden. Heather's illustrated drawings will help you to visualise how the garden look once the landscaping work has been carried out.

Approval & Technical Specification

Once the concept plans have been completed there will be an opportunity to discuss any amendments and to agree upon the landscaping materials to be used in building your garden. Heather will then finalise the layout plan and create the technical drawings required to facilitate building of the garden together with the landscaping specification and setting out plans which can be used by any landscaping contractor to provide an accurate quotation for carrying out the landscaping works. Any amendments made after this stage will be subject to additional costs.


Heather will design a plan for the planting of your new garden which will bring the garden to life and reinforce the style and impact of your new garden. This will take into account the type of soil and aspect of your garden together with your maintenance requirements. Heather can also provide you with detailed advice for looking after your new garden. Heather also provides a plant sourcing service which represents excellent value for money and ensures that your new garden starts its life with healthy plants which will look wonderful for years to come.

Tender Process

We are happy to recommend approved landscaping contractors for building your landscaping project or undertake a tender process on your behalf with three experienced landscaping contractors and make recommendations to you in writing. 

The Build

The contract for building the garden will be directly between you and the landscaping contractor. We find that this builds a closer relationship between you and the contractor and allows Heather to remain independent from the contractor and therefore available to monitor the build on your behalf if you wish.

Finishing Touches

She can also assist in sourcing other luxury items that will complete your garden such as lighting, furniture, planters and pots - call 07738 323 082 for more details.

Follow Up

Once your garden is complete Heather will be happy to return on a regular basis to ensure that it is developing beautifully and retains the desired look. She can also arrange for a regular garden maintenance contract with a professional gardener should you so wish.

How much does it cost?

Every garden is different in scale and complexity and therefore design fees are set on a case by case basis to take into account the work that will be involved in creating designs for your outdoor space. Until we have seen your individual space, understood your requirements and evaluated how these will be met it is difficult to give you a figure, however this usually works out to be in the region of 10-15% of the cost of building your new garden.

How much should my budget be?

As befits what is often the largest 'room' of a property, for a full garden redesign including secure boundaries, hard and soft landscaping (hardstandings, garden features and plants), it would be realistic to allocate from 4% to 10% of the value of your property to the new landscaping. The range of materials, choice of mature planting and opportunity for special finishing touches available to you will be dictated by the extent your budget. Heather is able to provide personal advice on the likely landscaping costs according to your own specific requirements.

If your immediate budget is limited, it is of course possible to build most gardens in stages over a number of years, opt for planting redesign solutions or concentrate on specific areas of the garden which will have the most impact or benefit to you. Heather can adapt her plans to your individual circumstances and provide creative solutions to your landscaping problems.

If you would like further information, to organise a consultation or to discuss how Heather Martin may help you with your individual situation, please call 07738 323 082 or email: